How To Earn ₦500 Per Referral On PennyTree

PennyTree is a digital lifestyle platform using AI features with a mission to take the saving culture a notch further with PENN RULES.

The digital lifestyle platform has come with a lot of features allowing users their little money towards multiple goals.

What I like the most about Penny Tree is that you can save as low as ₦100. Isn’t that good? Yes, it is.

Before heading to how to earn ₦500 per referral, let’s quickly see the features of Penny Tree and their saving Plans.

Features Of PennyTree

Below are some exciting features of PennyTree.

Utility Bill

You can use Penny Tree to pay all your utility bills, including Airtime، Data, and electricity bills.

Cable Tv Subscription

No more worries about Tv Subscription again as long as you have the Penny Tree app, all you need to do is fund your account, and you are good to go.

Saving Plans On PennyTree

Below are some saving Plans on PennyTree and how it works.

Target Saving

This is the first saving plan you will see after opening the saving plan features on PennyTree.

The target saving plan is said to be a target saving for a specific goal.

Personal Vault

This is the second saving plan you will see after opening the saving plan features on PennyTree.

Personal Vault allows you to put some funds aside and lock them for a short or long period of time. You will also earn interest on your capital.

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Penn Rules

This feature will automatically save your funds when you receive money from a Penn user. However, you have to enable it yourself before it starts working.

How To Register PennyTree?

  1. Download Penny Tree app
  2. Use 062AB5F2 as your referral code when signing up
  3. Fill in your full name as it appears on BVN
  4. Email Address & Phone Number then proceed with the registration.

You must complete all the verification to be eligible to participate in their referral program. Below are the things you need to verify your account.

  • Email
  • BVN
  • Card, you will be charged N100

PENNYTREE is licensed, so you didn’t have to worry about submitting any details.

How To Earn N500 Per Referral?

  • Open Penny Tree App
  • Click on the referral tab
  • Copy your code and send it to your referral
  • Your referral must use your code to get the N500.

You will be paid for your referrals every 30 days.