Introducing Crewdle Video Conferencing Platform

Crewdle is a video conferencing platform where your online meetings are fully encrypted with an end to end encryption known as P2P.

People using crewdle have the right over their data to share their link with anyone they want to stay connected to.

Guess what? You can change your personal link anytime so that no one can access your video call without your permission.

Before teaching you how to earn $1 per referral on crewdle, let’s take a look at its features.

Notice; Crewdle is not money making platform, Crewdle is a video conferencing platform you aren’t allowed in any way to participate in their partner program if you didn’t have team.

Features Of Crewdle

Below are some exciting features of crewdle you will definitely love learning more about

#1 Start A Meeting

This will help you save your conversation and start your meeting anytime you want.

It’s up to you to schedule your meeting time and Inform your fellow friends or business partners to join.

#2 invite Participants

You can invite anyone you want to connect with via your link. They can either join the meeting via browser or the app.

#3 Chat With Participants

This feature will allow you to chat with your participants during the video call.

How To Make Money With Crewdle?

This is the first step you need to follow to make money with crewdle.

  •  Create an account with crewdle via this link.
  • Verify your account by email. You will receive a link to verify your account via email.
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Now that you have created an account with crewdle and aim to make money with crewdle, not to do Video calls, below are the steps to follow.

Note; You must create an account with this or the above link before heading next step.

How To Join Crewdle Partner Program?

Once you open an account with crewdle, you can move on to create a partner program account.

You will get $1 for each user that opens an account and verifies it via email, plus 30% recurring revenue on every customer purchase.

Below are the answers to the questions.

Q1 Where do you plan to share your link?

Answer: My Facebook profile, you can go there and copy your link, then paste it on the required space on crewdle.

Q2 What Industry do you work with?

Answer: Tech

Q3 Why Do You Want To Join Crewdle Partner Program?

To promote crewdle for more users.

Q4 What type of partnership are you looking for?

Answer: General Partnership.


Once you have answered all the questions, crewdle will review your application for approval. You will get approved in 10 hours or less when you follow our steps.






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