How To Make Money As Scooper News Content Writer/Creator

Do you know you can make money from scooper news? Don’t tell me you didn’t know this cool writing offer.

Have you ever thought of making money while telling your stories? But don’t know how to start? Here is the easy guide on how to register and make money as a scooper news content writer/creator.

Everybody has a story to tell, and nothing would excite the storyteller than sharing his stories to the right audience.

Becoming a scooper news content writer/creator is not just an opportunity to share your stories but an opportunity to make money as a content creator.

Scooper has been the second most-used news app in Africa, I believe you knew this. Without a doubt, your story would gain a lot of clicks within a few hours.

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They are currently hiring content writers where humble creators can apply and get accepted as their writers.

You can earn over $119 dollars as Scooper Content Creator or Scooper Content partner(PGC). Your earnings have to do with the number of articles you have published.

Each article cost the same price. Before I show you how to become a scooper content writer, let me tell you more about scooper to be familiar with their rules.

What Is Scooper?

Scooper is an online news sharing platform/app; it’s considered the second most-used news app in Africa with over 10 Million downloads.

It has been the best news-sharing platform where educative articles are welcomed.

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I have been writing for many platforms that hire freelancers, but I have never come across an amazing website that pays the way scooper pays.

Scooper welcomes every educative article (excluding sexually related articles); they don’t reject an article for being outdated, so feel free to write the story that happens either now or in history.

How Much Does Scooper Pay Per Article?

Scooper news payment is paying it’s content writers $0.8 for every that passed review, which is about ₦288 when converted into Nigerian Naira.

As I already said, your earnings have to do with the number of articles you publish. Be well prepared to publish a lot of articles so that you would earn a lot.

How Does Scooper News Work?

Making money as a scooper Content creator is not difficult as it seems; each published article is eligible to earn $0.8.

Scooper helps you to turn your skills into a thriving career. You don’t need to be professional; you only need to have good writing skills, which I guess you already have.

Requirements To Register & Make Money As A Content Creator/Writer?

  • Active phone number and email address
  • Make sure you supply the OTP you receive via SMS
  • Sample of work

Note that the sample of work should be original and not published on another platform; otherwise, your application will likely to be rejected.

To get your application approved on scooper, you need to provide a well-written article not published on any platform.

Using plagiarized content as a sample of work will get your application rejected.  Make sure your article is well written and not plagiarized.

How to get your post approved on scooper news?

It’s also worth knowing scooper wouldn’t approve a post with grammatical and spelling errors. If you are finding it difficult to identify spelling errors, you can use English Tools like Grammarly.

To get your post approved instantly, you need to write an article with a Catchy headline.

The headline is very important; you need to sit down and write a good headline for a better chance of getting your post approved.

Avoid Copyright

Scooper news has a zero-tolerance for copyright, if you are caught stealing someone’s work, your earnings would be forfeited, and the account would be closed immediately.

It’s also worth knowing scooper news doesn’t allow multiple accounts. Authors who plagiarized themselves by submitting multiple articles over and over again would get their accounts banned.

At the end of every month, scooper news would check the data of everyone’s article to decide who will stay and who will leave.

Topics You Can Write On Scooper News

As a content partner, there are many topics you can write about. Below is the list of topics.

  • Car and motorbike reviews
  • V.S Compare Between everything
  • Retire rumors and fake news
  • Endsars Protests
  • Nature disaster (stories of natural disaster happened in Africa or the world whether now or in history
  • Accidents (stories of accidents that happen in your area)
  • Animals
  • Career Tips
  • Celebrity Scandal
  • Celebrity deaths (Death or unsolved cases of  celebrities around the world)
  • Celeb Fashion and beauty
  • Rich people
  • Celebrity Biography/History
  • Kidnapping
  • Rape Reports
  • Boko Haram (stories related to Boko haram terrorist)
  • Fraud Cases
  • Theft and robbery cases (Cases of theft or robbery in Africa.
  • Murder cases (cases of murder in Africa or around the world
  • Arrest (cases of arrest in Africa or around the world, especially the arrest of celebrities
  • Domestic violence (cases of domestic violence in Africa or around the world
  • Slave trade and human trafficking
  • Rituals
  • Religion
  • Book reviews
  • Cultism and witchcraft
  • Beauty (Hairstyles, fashion styles, Ankara styles)
  • African recipes
  • Healthy food
  • Football Stats
  • Football Match Reviews
  • Throwback Pictures
  • The dark sides (dark side of the society or Nation.
  • Inspiration
  • Local Politics
  • Strikes
  • Sakawa and yahoo stories (weird news happen in your region
  • Racism (cases of racism happen in Africa or around the world).
  • Child Marriage
  • Bride Price
  • Strange Deaths
  • Weird, bizarre experience
  • Comparison between African countries
  • Movie Series Review
  • Music Reviews
  • Unsolved myths
  • Parenting Tips
  • Religion Scandal
  • Bb Naija
  • Living experience (Tips for saving money).

How To Write For Scooper News?

  • Head to Scooper registration link
  • Register an account as a writer of PostNow app
  • Make sure you filled the form using your real name
  • Select a country and put phone number
  • Then upload a writing experience
Scooper Content Creator Form
Scooper Content Creator Form

After filling in the information requested in the scooper registration link, wait for 6-7 hours for scooper team feedback. Don’t forget to be checking your Gmail spam folder.

How Are My Earnings Calculated On Scooper News?

Earnings are calculated base on the number of articles you Publish; you are going to receive $0.8 for each article that passed review.

Scooper news admin would contact you for your bank details.

Earnings are calculated and deposited into your bank account from 1-14 of each month.

Things You Should Know Before Publishing An Article On Scooper News.

  • You must include a video in every article.
  • The video must not be related to the content you shared, but make sure you add the video’s title.
  • Each article must include 3 pictures
  • You are advised to write from 300-700 words
  • Article with one cover photo would be rejected,
  • You must use 3 cover pictures.

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    If no, then, how can I submit my opera news article for scooper review? And how many article contents does scooper need to accept me?

  6. There’s no need to have a blog to become content writer on scooper, all you need is writing sample which can be done using WPS office, kindly download it on Google Play Store and create pdf of your article.

    Make sure the article is original and not published in any platform.

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  21. You will be asked to revise and submit.

    Don’t worry about the video, you can copy the link of any video in youtube and paste it.

  22. How will I know if my application was rejected and will I be able to get my re-application grant after I was rejected?

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