How To Get a Loan From Jumia

With the reputation of being the largest online marketplace for electronics and phones in Africa, Jumia is currently offering loans, known as Jumia Pay Loan, where you can an individual can borrow money, you will be learning how to get a loan from Jumia.

In our previous post, we talked about getting a loan from OPay, which I guess you will find helpful; slide here to learn more.

Getting a loan from the comfort of your phone without any collateral and long-form filling is one of the best things to try out when you are running out of cash.

All you have to do is make sure you submitted the right and accurate information requested by Jumia Pay Loan.

Guess what? jumiapay loan interest rate is not high, and everybody can afford to pay that little interest.

The Jumia loan interest rate is 3.5% per Monthly which means you will pay only N350 when you borrow N10,000 Nigerian Naira.

Types Of Jumia Loan

Jumia offers three different types of loans; let’s quickly discuss their types of loans to know which you are going for.

1. Payday loans

Payday loans refer to a short-time loan where the borrower will pay the money when he receives his wage.

This is one of the most popular loans; it works like an overdraft. However, there are slight differences between an overdraft and Payday Loans.

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2. Business

Business, I hope it explains itself, well Incase you didn’t understand what we mean by Business loan, here is what we mean.

A business loan refers to a loan designed to provide financial assistance for businesses to cover cash flow.

3. Education

Education, This doesn’t require much explanation because its name has cleared and explains everything.

Education loan is designed to provide financial assistance for anyone pursuing educational expenses.

How Does Jumia Pay Loan Work?

It’s just a simple and straightforward loan that offers fast and easy money without any means of collateral or long-form filling; that is how it works.

How To Get A Loan From Jumia?

Here is a Straightforward guide to get a loan from Jumia, the good news about borrowing money from Jumia is; the process is not as difficult as it seems; all you have to do is get a jumiapay loan app (download).

You can also get it by following this link.

Make sure you fill out your information accurately as it appears on your BVN, or else your application might be rejected.

How to repay jumia loan?

Repaying a Jumia loan is relatively easy, and it doesn’t require many steps; all you have to do is credit your Jumia account and repay the amount you borrowed.

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