Payoneer Partners With Kuda Bank, Enabling Customers To Receive Global Payment

Payoneer Partners With Kuda Bank, Enabling Customers To Receive Global Payment

The top leading American company that provides online funds transfer has partnered with Kuda Bank.

This partnership would enable Kuda Bank Customers to receive Global Payments in multiple currencies; This was made known by Payoneer.

In the other side; Nigerians who already have a business account with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) would be able to see their balance in multiple currencies through Kuda Bank.

This partnership has made Kuda become one of the leading Microfinance Bank In Nigeria.

Kuda Bank’s partnership with Payoneer has come with many benefits (most especially to Nigerians) enabling customers to access their Payoneer account from Kuda Bank App.

That’s not all; Customers may be able to view and manage their payment history, Withdraw funds from Payoneer account to Kuda Bank account in a preferred currency.

Kuda Bank users have shown their appreciation over this partnership that brought great achievement towards funds transfer.

When it comes to Banking, the more eyeballs company gets the more opportunity of getting new customers.

This partnership has brought a vital towards financial transaction In Nigeria. We are really proud to see a Nigerian company as part of Payoneer.

This article will also give you a guide on converting Payoneer funds to Naira instantly, but before I show you, let’s look at Kuda and how it works.

What Is Kuda Bank?

Kuda Bank is one of the leading Nigerian Microfinance Bank; They exist not to tie you down with extra charges.

Taking Kuda Bank to the top is not easy, the owner has raised over $10M.

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Why Use Kuda Bank

I will mention some reasons why use Kuda Bank for better understanding.

Kuda Bank Gives Free Transfers To 25 Banks

With Kuda Bank, you can transfer money to 25 Banks without any charges. Keep calm that these 25 Banks includes all the top Nigerian local banks.

However, below are the list of the 25 Banks.

  1. Access Bank Plc
  2. Access Bank Plc Diamond
  3. Accion MFB
  4. Bewen MFB
  5. Cellulant
  6. City Bank
  7. Contec Global
  8. Coronation
  9. E-BARS’c MFB
  10. Eco Bank
  11. Eco Bank Express Account
  12. Econdo MFB
  13. FCMB
  14. Fidelity Bank Of Nigeria
  15. First Bank Of Nigeria
  16. Go Money
  17. Guaranty Trust (GT) Bank
  18. Heritage Bank
  19. Jaiz Bank
  20. Jubilee Life
  21. KCMB FMB
  22. Keystone Bank
  23. Mainstreet FMB
  24. Mint Finex FMB
  25. One Finance

Kuda Gives You Full Control Over Your Money

When using Kuda bank, you are always on your money; Meaning you can use your money any time pay bills, Airtime Top-up.

No more sweat again, Kuda will make sure all your transaction is done better.

Kuda’s Fee Are As Clear As Glass

Kuda will never charge you for no reason; what you always get is what you see.

Kuda can be the perfect solution over your financial transaction. They are fast and easy to use.

Kuda Allows Customer’s To Do Paperless Sign Up

There is no need of visiting any branch for Kuda bank account to be activated. Your account will be activated instantly once you sign up in their app.

Kuda Bank application can be found in Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Kuda Offers 24/7 Support

Kuda might be Bank in Application, but they never hang their customers. They are always trying to assist their customers, so feel free to contact them when you encounter any problem.

This is not all; Kuda has come with many benefits to their customers and their support towards helping their customers is quite fast and reliable.

Kuda Offers Free Master Card

Kuda Bank offers free master card; every subscriber is eligible to obtain free card once he deposited a minimum amount of 1000.

Guess what? Their card can be used everywhere online. You can use it to purchase the product online.

The most exciting part is you can withdraw money with their card at any ATM Machine.

What are you waiting for? Kindly download Kuda Bank Application and enjoy borderless payment.

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Track Your Spending With Kuda Bank’s Budget Feature

Kuda Bank has an exciting feature that can record all your payment history.

You will never exceed your budget when considering your budget on the Kuda.

Requirements To Convert Funds Into Naira With Payoneer

Below are the requirements to convert funds into Naira on Payoneer.

Kuda Bank Account

You need a kuda bank account to convert funds into Naira, Kindly open your Google Play Store and hit and search box, type Kuda Bank and download it.

If you find it difficult to download from Google Play Store, you can download it at this link.

Move ahead to create Kuda account; you can either sign up with or without BVN. I strongly suggest registering with your BVN.

Use my referral code D9EIF4XP when signing up, using our referral code to sign up will earn a small commission to us, you can decide to use it or not.

Approved Payoneer Account

You can create an account on Payoneer at this link. Make sure you fill all the information requested on the sign-up form.

How to convert Payoneer funds to Naira instantly

The best thing I hate with Payoneer is; money takes a little bit of time before it gets into a local account.

But with this partnership, we can say bye to that. Payoneer funds can now be converted into Naira with the use of Kuda Bank. If you didn’t know about VPD Microfinance Bank, you could check it out here.

In this article, I will guide you on how to convert Payoneer funds to Naira instantly. But before I show you, let’s take a look at its benefits.

  1. Funds take a little bit of time to deliver
  2. You can convert your fund to preferred currency.
  3. Quick access to Payoneer account through Kuda Bank app
  4. Customers can check and manage their Payoneer transaction through the Kuda Bank App.
  5. You can withdraw funds from your Payoneer account to Kuda Bank account.
  6. Payoneer balance can be viewed in different currencies through Kuda.

Open Kuda Bank

Open your bank app and sign in to your account.

Click On The More Button

Click on the More button, which is located on your dashboard. Once you clicked at More button, another option will pop up now.

Select Linked Accounts

Select Linked accounts and move on to click at

Click at Payoneer

Once you click at Payoneer, you would see a prompt question. Now move to

Respond Question

Respond to the question that prompt on the app by clicking at Yes. Then move to

Sign Into Payoneer

Sign in to your Payoneer account, note that you would be asked to provide OTP, type the OTP sent to your phone number and click at

Give Kuda Access To Your Payoneer Account

You will see a prompt question requesting Kuda access to your account. Now click at

Agree With The Terms

Once you agreed you had given Kuda access to your account, then click at

Click At Next

Once you click next, you are done. If you still have problem regards to converting Payoneer funds to Naira. Watch the video below.


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