How to make money On VPD Mobile Bank, Earn 500 Per Referral

We have seen and used many mobile bank apps that pay you to sign up to them. VPD Mobile Bank is just like them, nothing different.

VPD Money or digital wallet rewards its users with 500 for each successful referral made. Many of our humble Nigerians have been claiming it.

I have no option but to share this opportunity with you, if I did not someone else would do.

In case if you did not claim ₦500 For VFD mobile bank, you can check it out here.

I know some will be wondering why I’m sharing this with you. Yes, I do share it, And I need nothing from you.

In fact, sharing information like this is the main purpose of creating this blog.

Before I show you how to make money on VPD, Let’s take a look at what is VPD and how it works.

What Is VPD App?

VPD is a mobile bank app licensed by the Central Bank Of Nigeria which is mainly designed to help you convert money into different currencies.

Converting money into different currencies makes it easy with VoguePay as It allows users to convert money into 3 different currencies, American USD Dollar, EURO, And GPD British Pound.

All you need is to have some funds in your wallet, once you have you are good to go.

How Legit Is VPD?

As I already said, VoguePay (VPD) was licensed by the central bank of Nigeria. Banks like this need to be licensed and sign some agreements before the government allows them to start.

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I am very glad to say VoguePay (VPD) is legit and not scam. It’s also worth knowing that the intention of launching VoguePay (VPD) is for business, and nobody will terminate his business by scamming his customers.

VPD Mobile Bank is legit, and everybody can feel free to join them. All the information requested by VPD is for KYC, which stands for Know Your Customer.

How To Download VPD App?

  • First of all, you need to have an android phone with at least a 4.5 version.
  • Open your Google Play Store
  • Hit the search box and type VPD
  • Now Click on the VPD app and download it.
  • You can also download it at this link.
  • After you have successfully downloaded it launch and open it.

Why Use VPD App?

VPD is one of the fewer mobile bank apps that offer free Master Card, Visa Card, in less than 12 hours.

If you are looking for a card to spend online, then VPD Money is the conclusion for your financial transaction.

How To Join VPD Bank?

  • Open the VPD app and click on sign up.
  • Fill in your phone and valid email address.
  • Go ahead to add your BVN
  • Now move on to request OTP.
  • Check your message and verify the OTP you receive.
  • Then create a password; your password should be very strong with a combination of upper and low case. For example, AHHHnnnd”‘!.

VPD Money How To Earn N500 Per Referral?

VPD Mobile banks pay 500 for each referral. Kindly create an account with the guide above.

Use 3XWKGB as your referral code when signing up. Once you successfully signed in then take your referral code and invite your friends.

Each person will gain you 500; You can withdraw all earnings direct to your bank account.

How To Contact VPD Bank Support?

In case you have any problem, feel free to contact VPD Money support. They are very friendly, they respond as quickly as possible.

They offers more than  3 different contacts to reach them easily. However, below are the contact list of VPD Support.

  • Contact via phone call at +234 803 631 4018
  • Contact VPD support on Instagram at this link.
  • You can also contact them via email at
  • Contact VPD via live chat on the contact option in the app.
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I recommend live chat for fast response.

How To Know If My VPD Account Is Verified?

If you are still confused about your account status, you can check out your account level; once you notice it upgraded to level 2, then you are fully Verified.

You will get to know your account status via email; once you are verified, you would receive an email stating you are verified on the VPD Money app.

How To Withdraw Earnings On VPD Money?

Withdrawing earnings on the VPD Money is quite easy; you only need to follow this simple guide.Withdraw money on VPD

  • To withdraw you need to click at the plus sign + that can be found on the VPD as shown in the screenshot.
  • Click at Transfer
  • Now move ahead to click on “Bank Account.”
  • Select your bank and put your account number
  • Now save the beneficiary and proceed.

Benefits Of VPD Money

1. Unlimited free transfers to all banks

VPD offers unlimited free transfers to all banks without any charges. The best choice you can make is to choose VPD and access borderless payment.

2. Spend Everywhere Online With Card

VoguePay VPD bank offers a free Master Card that can be used everywhere online. If you are interested in purchasing products online, then you need to try VPD card and access borderless payment via your card.

3. Cashbacks On Every Successful Transaction

Guess what? You can make your financial transaction while making money at the same time on VPD. Every verified user is eligible to earn 3% cashbacks on every successful transaction.

VoguePay (VPD) would probably become the leading mobile banking, considering a lot of cashbacks given on every successful payment made. That’s not all.

4. Airtime Recharges & Utility Bill

VoguePay VPD offers an easy way to recharge and pay utility bills; If you are interested in paying one of these things online, you need to try VPD.

5. Conversion Of Naira To International Currencies

Conversion Of Naira To International Currencies is one of the main reasons why I often recommend VoguePay VPD to everybody.

With VPD Money You can convert Naira into 3 different currencies in minutes.


We have discussed almost everything about VPD Money, and I believe you know its advantages.

However, if you have any problem, feel free to drop it in the comment section.

I will respond as quickly as possible. Thanks for reading.