Strimpay Affiliate Program, Review, Log In, Legit or scam

You might have been hearing about Strimpay Affiliate Program where you will be rewarded with 3000 for completing simple tasks.

Read the complete strimpay review, after reading the Strimpay reviews, you will get know these two questions “Is Strimpay legit? Is strimpay scam?”

Streampay is another money operator that allow its users to receive funds via email, Strimpay works easily, and allows users to receive, send and withdraw funds directly to their bank accounts within few minutes.

There is a great opportunity of earning 3000 from Strimpay Affiliate Program after registering a new account on Strimpay

All you have to do is to complete some simple task which is following their Twitter account and taking surveys of less than 2 minutes.

In this article we are going to drop a a direct Strimpay affiliate login link.

Features Of Strimpay

  • Send Money; you can send money anytime you want, all you need is your friend’s email and you are good to go.
  • Request Money; Strimpay is not restricted to only sending money, you can also request money from anyone and they will get your request in no time.
  • Transfer Money; You can also transfer money to your local bank account. Guess what? When you Transfer upto ₦10,000 to your bank account you will get free ₦200 Airtime instantly.
  • Order Visual Card; Getting a virtual credit card is very easy, all you have to do is to navigate to Order Visual Card and request a card.
  • Apply For a loan; You can apply for a loan, and your loan will be disbursed to your Strimpay account which you can transfer it anytime.
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Strimpay Affiliate Program Login, Register – Claim 3000 From Strimpay

You are required to complete some simple tasks before accumulating the 3000.

The tasks are quite simple unlike other apps, you can complete them within 2 minutes.

If your earnings didn’t reach the 3000 after completing all the tasks, kindly refer 1 to 2 people, all they have to do is to register and do the same.

Strimpay 500 Registration Bonus

When you register an account on Strimpay you will get an instant N500, this is not related to your affiliate account.

You can only withdraw the money after sending it to your savings account for 5 days. You can withdraw anytime after your investment tenure which is 5 days.

Things You Should Note About Strimpay Affiliate Program

Unfortunately, Strimpay affiliate program has been limited.

Strimpay affiliate and referral program ends immediately after 500 withdrawals has been made.

Meaning when they receive 500 withdrawals from users from their affiliate earnings account to their strimpay account it ends.

So hurry up and withdraw to your strimpay account and transfer funds from your strimpay to your bank account.

Strimpay Review

For those that are looking for the review here is what we only know for now.

Is Strimpay legit?

Strimpay is a new Mobile money operator, their company was just launched recently..

As of now, we can’t answer “Is Strimpay legit” we didn’t know the current status of the platform.

Is Strimpay Scam?

No Complaints of Strimpay being a scam yet, however you can tell us what you think in the comment section. Is it legit or a scam.

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New Update Related To Your Funds

Strimpay is making a server upgrade and this will affect those with money in their main balance, you are advised to transfer funds to Strimpay saving account to stay safe.

According to the platform, customers can withdraw to Saving Accounts without KYC. Unfortunately it’s not working as claimed, but let’s Transfer the funds and wait for the upgrade to finish, hopefully it will work after the upgrade.

How To Transfer Strimpay Balance To Saving Account?

  • Click “Fund Savings” as shown in the screenshot


  • Enter the amount you want to transfer, don’t transfer all the funds leave like 200. For example let’s say the Total funds is 2500 the amount you are expected to Transfer is 2300

  • After Clicking on continue you will see transfer money, click on it. That’s all.

We will let you know when there is new update, join our telegram channel to stay updated.