How To Save, Invest, And Spend Interest Daily on Fundbae App

Fundbae is a self-service financial platform that enables customers to save, invest and spend their interest daily.

We have been down into the roads of Financial platforms; it’s indeed a good path to follow. Since the launch of MyMintApp in 2021, Many financial platforms/banks have been bashing out.

This website is dedicated to bringing the latest updates about the financial banks that we only understand how it works.

So no more worries, we undergo deep research and review before we publish an article about any financial platform.

Fundbae allows you to save and spend your interest daily. That is why I thought it’s is the best time to introduce it to you.

We have collected the saving plans provided by Fundbae for those who love learning more about Fundbae.

Saving On Fundbae

Fundbae has provided all the plans you need on their platform. All you have to do is to choose your desired plan and top up your wallet.

Below is the list of saving plans on Funbae

Save 2B

Save2B is a Funbae saving plan that enables customers to earn a high-interest rate and qualify for a loan of up to 200% of their savings.


This is one of the plans I like the most. It allows you to earn high interest on a daily and yearly basis.

The interest rate is up to 12% per annum.

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Vault Plus

Vault plus is another saving plan that allows esteemed customers to save a higher interest of 12% per annum.

Vault Lite

Vault Lite, also known as saving for financial reasons, This plan allows you to save for a financial reason and earn up to 10% interest per annum.

You may have been told that this is not the best time to start saving your money. It’s a lie; ignore weakly advice and start exploring the best out of your life now.

That’s not all. Customers can withdraw their savings without any charges.

Payments Of Bills With Fundbae

Did you ever felt unhappy about not being able to pay your bills online? Trying to find the best possible way to start paying your bills online but running out of ideas.

Here is the solution for bill payment. You can now use Fundbae and pay your bills.

However, below are the types of bills you can pay with Fundbae.

Airtime Top-Up

Customers can recharge their lines from their wallets with no effort. All they have to do is to have money in their wallet.

Data Subscription

Things are easier than ever. When you have an outstanding balance on your sim card and still want to purchase data without paying that outstanding, you can do it with Fundbae.

All you need to do is purchase the data from your wallet instead of buying a recharge card.

Tax Payment

Customers can pay their taxes on the app. All they need to have is their TIN which stands for Tax Identification Number.

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Utility Bills

All registered users can pay their utility bills through the app. But unfortunately, the bills you can pay are limited. However, below are the utility bills you can only pay with Fundbae.

  1. Eko Disko
  2. IKEDC
  3. Ibadan Disco
  4. Enugu Disco
  5. Ibadan Disco
  6. Benin Disco
  7. Yola Disco

Pay Tv Subscription

Did you know you can pay for your Tv Subscription online without having to visit any office? Well, you can actually pay for DSTV, Startime, and Go Tv subscriptions on the app.

How To Get Started On Fundbae?

  • Log on to the official website of Funbae on this link, or download their app on Google Play Store or this link.
  • Move ahead to register with your full name, email address, and other information.
  • Note that you will be requested to put your BVN for KYC purposes, which stands for (Know Your Customer), especially when you want to request a loan.

Don’t forget to use my referral code “PJMAUWAL” when signing up into Fundbae. It’s absolutely optional, not necessary.

We will receive a commission for referring you when signed up with our referral code. We really need such commission to keep this website alive for giving you information.

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