How To Enjoy Airtel Extra Data

The telecommunication company (Airtel) is in competition with 3 operators Glo, MTN, & Etisalat, each of those telecommunications are introducing new cheap data bundles in order to keep their customers closer, today we will be discussing on how to enjoy airtel extra data.

When I said extra data I mean free data, if you have been searching for it then you’re at the right place, this artcle is for you, you are required to read this post from first to end to avoid mistake when getting your free data.

Airtel is becoming more friendly than other network operators as they are introducing new data palns that let subscriber to chat and download unlimitedly. What make me post it is the fact that you don’t need to connect VPN to power this data, it can be used like any bundle.

Airtel extra data
Airtel Extra Data

Before now I have used stark vpn and phispon vpn to freebrowsing but the problem is that the VPN is not working well, it might connect and disconnect at anytime. I have been experiencing from disconnection of vpn since I started using it, I started thinking to upgrade my vpn to premium version, after I upgraded the things remain the same, I feel like crying when I I remembered the money I spent to upgrade to premium version.

You aren’t deserved to suffer the way i did, that why I decided to share this simple trick that will let you enjoy airtel extra data that doesn’t need VPN to work.

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Back to our discussion, the airtel extra data gives 100% bonus on every recharge. That means you will be enjoying double data for 3 months, what are you waiting for? Why don’t you try this simple trick? It will work.

How To Get Airtel Extra Data?

You will need to purchase a smartphone that support 4G I recommend infinix hot 7 pro and Smart 4, after you have possessed the phone that support 3G you will just need to go message and send GET TO 141. After you sent you will receive a confirmation stating you are eligible to enjoy airtel extra data that reward subscriber with 100%.

You will be continue enjoying the offer for 3 months after activation, if you doesn’t have above phone you can try sending it using your phone but make sure your phone and the sim card you are sending the SMS to are 4G Compatible, It’s working perfectly I have been enjoying for two months now.

You are to note that not any 4G compatible phone will be eligible; I strongly recommend Infinix smart 4 because I’m currently using it to enjoy this bonus.

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