Simple Hack To Get Double Data On Airtel

simple hack to get double data on airtel

Today I will be sharing a simple hack to get double data on airtel. If you are searching for how to get double data, then this article is for you.

The network operators offer a unique opportunity to their users to get double data. However, it was not known by many people. Well, today, you will get to know after reading this post.

Getting double data is such a data bless that everybody is looking for. It doubles every data plan you purchased. That means when you purchased 1gb, your data will be 2Gb.

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Purchasing data with huge amounts is not your portion again. With this trick, you will have a perfect solution to it. I have been using it for more than 2 weeks now.

Another advantage of double data it doesn’t need any VPN to work. In fact, getting double data is one of the greatest ways to stay connected with friends and family. Without boring you with much write, ups let go straight to where we are heading to.

Simple Hack To Get Double Data On Airtel

simple hack to get double data on airtel

simple hack to get double data on airtel
simple hack to get double data on airtel

It seems to be difficult but simple. To enjoy double data on airtel, you will need to stop recharging your line for a month.

Some people will consider the number of calls they are receiving. Well, you are truth double data will not stop you from calling people if you use the trick I’m going to give you.

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Purchase a new airtel sim card, register it, and activate it with a recharge card of ₦100. When you finished your 100 naira, then drop it away and forget it for a month. Since it’s a new SIM card and nobody knows you with it, you aren’t missing any call.

After you kept your line for a month, then dial *141*214#. You can also try to send “Get To 141” via text message.

How To Get Double Data On MTN?

MTN doesn’t offer double data currently. I suggest using this trick to get free 4G from them. For you to enjoy free 4G, you will need to upgrade your sim card to 4G LTE.

4G LTE sim gives the high speed of internet than 3G 2 times if you’re not yet to upgrade into 4g, then there’s no doubt that you are missing high internet speed.

Visit any MTN Shop near you and ask them to upgrade your line to 4G; that’s all. You will not be charged any kobo for upgrading.

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