Glo Cheapest Data Bundle Ever 1.25Gb For ₦500

Network operators compete for introducing new data formats at the same price. Glo understands how important it is to be online, so they’ve offered you the cheapest data bundle.

Though people are complaining of it’s slow during internet connection glo, remain the best when it comes to the cheap data plan. The most exciting part of it is “Every glo sim is eligible for this plan.”

Glo Cheapest Data
Glo Cheapest Data

Glo cheapest data is quite simple to activate. What you will need is to dial the USSD code. We have already know how people are suffering during this pandemic.

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Gladdens everybody’s heart is data, and the data cost much, which people find it difficult to purchase, most especially when it comes to the part of students.

Glo has been causing mixed feelings to their subscribers with the cheap package. The most exciting part of glo cheap data plans is everyone can activate. That means every glo sim card is eligible.

They had just introduced this yesterday. The fact that made me stay and take a look is more data volume has increased at the same price.

Meanwhile, the price remained the same, and the data volume increased. This offer gives 1.25 Gb for ₦500, which is very cheap for the one we have been activating before.

How To Activate Glo Cheapest Data Bundle?

Activating the glo cheapest data bundle is quite simple. You need to dial *777# and choose your preferred plan.

I strongly suggest activating the ₦1000 package 2.9Gb it will last longer than the ₦500 package.

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