How To Get MTN Free Data 200MB – Anniversary Bonus

How To Get MTN Free Data 200MB – Anniversary Bonus

MTN are currently giving out free data 200MB to their respective customers to celebrate their anniversary. This data is available and can be obtained by any MTN user, unlike MTN free data cheat.

MTN Free Data 200MB
MTN Free Data 200MB

Someone might say 200MB is too little for his daily usage, be it as it may be. T Guide decided to post for those who would appreciate and find it useful.

Getting the MTN free data for august 2021 shouldn’t panic as it’s straightforward to obtain, unlike the the MTN free data app, which most people find confusing.

Suppose the free 200MB for the anniversary is little for you, no issues. Just make sure you join the T Guide Telegram Channel so that you will receive something bigger in time when it’s available.

How To Get MTN Free Data 200MB For Anniversary?

  • Insert your MTN sim card into your phone
  • Turn on your mobile data
  • Once you turned on your data, you will receive an SMS saying you are rewarded with 200MB
  • Turn on Airplane mode and off it if you didn’t receive the SMS
  • Then try the same procedures again

It’s also worth noting that the MTN Free Data 200MB that isn’t obtainable via any MTN free data cheat will be valid for one day.

This means it’s going to expire on Sunday, 8 August 2021.