Metaforce Forsage Review, Legit Or Scam

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Metaforce is a decentralized business built on the polygon blockchain with well thousands of participants making a community of like-minded individuals.

If you are worrying whether the Metaforce Forsage is scam or legit please read this article.

People are earning dollars while they sleep through spill overs & overflow. Kindly take the bold step to learn more about Metaforce and start earning massively in dollars.

In this article we are gonna tell you more about Metaforce and how it works.

About Metaforce Forsage

Metaforce is an upgrade and latest version to the previous forsage.

According to the contract-based investment scheme, Metaforce is said to launch it’s coin dubbed Metacoin so there are some stages you need to know before the launch of the main coin which aims at featuring NFT, web3 and Metaverse.

However, below are some stages that you need to know before the launch of the main coin.

  • Classic; the classic stage is considered the prelaunch stage of the Metaforce, users who were able and upgrade their plans by purchasing desired levels will enjoy 50% discount
  • Boost; Boost is considered as the launch state of the Metaforce, at this stage registration fees for all levels will be doubled
  • Final Launch: The final stage of the contract-based investment scheme, Metaforce coin will roll out at this stage dubbed Meta Coin
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It’s also worth noting that the exact time of when this stages will be completed is still unclear.

How does Metaforce work?

Force has 12 MLM levels in complete classified in to 2;

  • S3
  • S6

Look at the illustration below to learn about how the S6 work for Metaforce Forsage members.




| |


| |

🟢 🟢 🟢 🔄

🔴 First *2* payment goes to your upline, Downline , Cross line as a non working

🟢 *3* *4* *5* circles Payment Goes to Your Wallet *100%*

🔄 Last *1* Payment Goes to your upline for Reinvestment

2. *S-3* MATRIX



| | |

🟢 🟢 🔄

🟢 First 2 payment goes to your wallet 100%

🔄 Last *1* payment goes to your upline for Reinvestment

What You Need To Know About Metaforce

Metaforce Forsage is a referral scheme, so For your info referral is so much compulsory, you can only escape referral by joining an active team, message us here to join our team.

Kindly note that as shown in the illustration above, after referring users the first 2 payments will go to your upline or downline the other 3 will come to you.

That means there is a high chance of receiving something from your team upline and downlines, so joining an active team is very important.

Below are two terms that are used for Metaforce earning distribution to the team.

  1. Spill over; is the earning coming to your account when your upline upgrades to a higher level or refers the first two users.
  2. Overflow; is the earnings coming to your account when your downline upgrade to a higher level or refer the first two users.
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Metaforce Forsage Review

This section is will tell you more about the writer’s opinion based on Metaforce.

  • Metaforce may be a long time project but it’s advisable not to expect it to stay for a lifetime.
  • The owner can change his policy and decide not to launch the coin

Best on my option; Metaforce is just a scheme, and the main revenue is coming up from referrals.

I wonder what Metaforce community may become when there are no referrals.

Is Metaforce Legit?

Metaforce is paying at the time of writing this content, so it’s up to you to decide to join it or not

Is Metaforce scam?

No reports of Metaforce being scam yet, so it’s up to you to decide whether to join it or not.


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