Metacity Airdrop Bot, Review And How To Claim

Are You looking for information about the Metacity Airdrop bot? Here is all you need to know about it.

When we are talking about crypto, what comes to our mind in the future. Yes, crypto is the future.

It’s a very high-risk investment which is why we often suggest a deep background check before going through any airdrop not just Metacity Airdrop.

What is Metacity?

Metacity is just a community aimed at making a city in the metaverse. The target is to achieve and gather people by distributing Airdrop to people who participated in the program to help metaverse.

How To Participate In Metacity Airdrop?

  • You must have a telegram account.
  • Follow this link.
  • You must follow all the mentioned handles listed by the bot.

Metacity Airdrop Bot Legit Or Scam Review?

The truth is, it’s too early to answer this question. Sometimes crypto legitimate can’t be predicted the right way; we can’t say it’s legit or a scam, that our review.

We suggest you participate in the program since they aren’t asking you to invest.

The airdrop will end on 20 January 2022, and the distribution of the earned airdrop will be after 48 hours from the withdrawal request.

Wish you all the best.