How To Hide Glo Number/ Remove Hidden Number On Glo

Welcome to this site are you looking for How to hide Glo Number/ Remove Hidden Glo Number, don’t worry you don’t have to border yourself you are in the right place which I believe by reading this article post you will be able to learn all the two in an easy and simple way.

Due to the situation many people are rushing and finding on how to hide my Glo Number? How to Remove Hidden Number On Glo? How should I block or Cancel of receiving SMS message or Call with many apart from this which is daily searching online so don’t worry with this article post of mine I will clear everything to you.

Mind you to go through this post steps by steps don’t rush you may skip an important step not knowing which may be will be among the important part of this article so read and understand that’s my wish and reason for writing this post hope you understand.

For now before going into our main heading there are some reason you need to know which I believe Among those reasons you most have one that will be your own reason to hide your Glo Number so below I will list some among the reasons which are;

Reason you need to know to hide your Glo Number A times

1.For Security reasons

Most of the time almost all of us we need a security which I Know I don’t have to use much Time of explaining why we need security because it’s physically known and explained so security sometimes may be the reasons to hide your number.

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2. To Hide your Identity/personal Information

Sometimes we may find ourselves in a state that we don’t want to show our identity or any of our personal Information either for protection or for some intension which is personal to us A times to surprise or to make a deal you can also hide number.

3. You Don’t want The person to have your number

Yes there is situation that you don’t need someone to even know it’s you rather to even have your contact details due to some reason so in this stage also I don’t have to stress myself explaining it.

Without taking much of your time we can go through the process/steps to hide an Glo Number.

How To Hide Glo Number

there are two different steps to hide your Glo Number;

  • through phone settings
  • via USSD Code

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How to hide your Glo Number through mobile phone settings

yes it’s depends on which phone are you using with it’s Android or small phone don’t worry I will explain the steps for both the Android phone and the small phone.

For Android phone

  • Go through your phone click on the settings icon
  • Select Call settings “Click on it”
  • Among the option Choose “Additional settings”
  • there’s an option hide number Select ” Hide Number” click on it.

Yeah it’s very simple and easy way.

Another Method/steps

  • Go to your phone Call icon ( The icon you used to enter when you will make a call or to see your calls and missed and so all)
  • Look at the screen carefully at the top your right hand site corner there is three dot icons Click on it.
  • From the down Select “Settings”
  • Click on “Call Account”
  • Now All your sim Account will display Click on the Glo icon
  • Then Click on “Caller ID”
  • Now Click on “Hide Number”
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For Small phone

  • Click on Setting icon
  • Select Call settings
  • Click on Call ID
  • Click on Hide Number

yes this is the first steps which it depends on the phone you are using it’s small phone or android phone.

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How to hide Glo Number Using USSD Code

This is the second step hope you are following me and you are understanding I hopefully hope that this step will be more easy that the above one more especially for those that operating phone is very difficult to them.

Yes don’t worry I will also tell you how to use USSD Code to hide your Glo Number it’s nothing to worry keep reading hope you’re enjoying this post.

You can used the Below code to hide your Glo Number


the way you will do is that you will dial the above code and the recipient phone number Example

#31# 08100000445.

Anytime you need to hide your Airtel Number you should just dial this Code before the recipient phone number.

How to Remove Hidden Number On Glo

The same process here there are two different steps to remove hidden number on Glo

  • Through phone settings
  • via USSD Code

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How To Remove Hidden Number On Airtel through phone settings

  • Click on the settings icon
  • Select “Call settings”
  • Click on “Additional settings”
  • Click on “Call ID”
  • Select the option”Show ID”

How To Remove Hidden Glo Number Using USSD Code

Yes it’s the Second process/steps and the most easier one you can enable your call ID using USSD Code just by simply dialing

*31# this Code will enable/show your Call ID.


Thank you so much for taking much of your wonderful time reading this article post of mine which I believe at the end of this post you will be able to hide your Glo Number/ Remove Hidden Glo Number by all the process listed.

Thank you for more experience/ Feedback your comment is highly welcome you can also leave a comment in the comments section thank you.

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