How To Become Smartcash PSB Agent

Wants to become Airtel‘s SmartCash PSB agent? Read my story.

I was trying to pay my bills but the bank network is misbehaving and it’s not allowing me to pursue. I believe this is a story of everyone you will experience Bank Network glitch in one way or the other.

But let’s focus on the positivity instead of the negativity, what action can you take to overcome network glitch.

Well, I have a recommendations for you, I think becoming a Smartcash PSB Agent will help.

What is SmartCash PSB

Smartcash PSB is a smart & secure way to Send money, Pay bills, Recharge & more.

It’s designed to fulfil customer‘s needs and provide a seamless transaction experience. Below are what you can do with Smartcash.

  • Buy Airtime
  • Buy Data
  • Pay Electricity Bills
  • Get Airtel Bonus

Why Become Smartcash Agent?

Smartcash Agent is a person or organisation that has been legally authorised by the Smartcash PSB to provide financial services from transacting money to solving customer’s problem.

Below are what agents can help customers with.

  • Funds Transfer; Agent can help the Smartcash Customers to perform a funds transfer between wallets or to other bank accounts.
  • Bills Payment; This is also one of the most essential part of becoming a Smartcash PSB Agent, you will get access to payment of bills.
  • Airtime recharge; Smartcash agent can help customers to top up their mobile phones regardless of the network that individual uses.
  • Cash deposit; To make things easier, agents can also accept cash and help customers deposit it in to their preferred wallets.
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An additional service that agent can provide includes helping people to Open Smartcash PSB wallets.

Requirements To Become Smartcash PSB Agent

Below are the requirements

  • Be a resident of Nigeria
  • Have a valid National Identification Number (NIN) and BVN
  • Have a mobile phone with data and internet access
  • Background check, common KYC verification

Once you have what we mentioned above you are already 80% on your way to become a Smartcash agent the remaining is now to apply.

How To Apply For A Smartcash Agent?

Applying for the Smartcash agent is not as difficult as it seems, all you have to do is to follow the simple steps below.

You will be redirected to the Smartcash official website, it’s also worth noting that you will be asked to provide the following details.

  1. Full Name
  2. Mobile Number
  3. Email ID
  4. BVN Number
  5. NIN
  6. Gender
  7. Date of Birth
  8. Outlet Address
  9. Outlet Name
  10. Outlet City
  11. Shop Type
  12. Region
  13. State

Once you applied and provide the above details your application will go under review and you will be contacted by the Smartcash team via the provided means of communication.