Review (Is legit or a scam)

I would like to emphasize more experience about this platform which some usually questions go around on the mind of new registered members who want to start with this platform.

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Among the questions goes like, is legit or a scam? How to register/ login? How does it work, referral reward on I believe at the end of this article review, you will find out the answers to these questions.

What is is an online Usdt  platform that enables registered members to earn on their platform by investing or referrals.

After registering, you become one of their members, and the platform allows all their members to earn on their platform by performing their daily investment on the platform.

How to register on

To register on, you have to follow the below steps to get started with this platform.

  • Input all the required details. Make sure you input your legal information to avoid issues.
  • Click on the SING UP After following all the steps above, you have registered to start with the platform.

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How to log in on

  • Click on the login.
  • Input your legal phone number and password you input during the registration.
  • Then Click on login.
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How does work? is an online USDT platform that claims to earn their registered member by allowing them to perform daily investment on the platform.

After becoming their registered member, you have an opportunity to earn on their platform and for any new registered members have a welcome bonus of $13, and a referral commission will be given after a successful referral is made.

Referral reward on ?

You can make money on this platform by referring a friend after you invite a friend, register with the venue, and start performing a task with the platform.

You, Will, be given a commission after a successful referral is made. Friends can be invited through your referral link or share the link with the network service.

Is legit or a scam? is a new platform with no payment proof while writing this review, but we are unsure whether it’s legit or a scam.

You have to do research more before registering with a platform to avoid risk is a bit of advice.


At the end of this review, we realized that this platform is a new one, so we can’t determine whether it has been legit or a scam.

So for any person that participates on this platform, be paying or not dropping. Your comment is in the comment section. Thank you.