Is Legit Or Scam, Review

Is Legit Or Scam? This article contains a detailed information about TikTok – review, read the article to know the current status of has been trending on TikTok for days, the platform seems to be new and indeed many creators are going for it after hearing the huge money they can make with their content.

Going for something is not always the problem but knowing whether it’s legit or scam. There are so many online programs that didn’t worth your time.

Without boring you with much wrote ups let’s quickly look at some details of

What Is is a new platform that allow TikTok creators to make money from their content.

According to the platform, creators can earn over $35 for 10K views, this is too good to be real but let’s not run faster than our shadow.

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Review; Why Seems to be fake/scam

1. Domain Registration Information

The first step of Identifying a legit platform that worths time is to check the domain registration details.

The domain registration details contains the information about the organization or individual who register a website. domain information can be found via this link.

Here’s a little highlight of what we got there. is not registered by TikTok Company, it’s registered by unknown third-party.

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Let’s cut the long story short, there is no registrant information.

2. Have No Source Of Income

Since is not from TikTok then they need to have a source of income.

For example, many websites are earning money from advertisement, placing adverts and promoting content, didn’t use any.

Even the TikTok Company it’s self is not paying per views. You have to think if TikTok can’t pay per views how can a third-party emerge doing so?

Our Advise To TikTok Creators Concerning

It’s not always easy to create content and grow huge audience base, so you can’t risk your audience for expectations of huge earnings from third-party platform is asking people to connect their TikTok account to it’s platform, this will directly gives access to your content, you’ll know the rest.

If you want to try out, we suggest creating a new account, after having experience on how the platform works you can make your decision.

Is Legit? is fairly a new platform, not much known about this platform, it’s too early for us to tag it as legit.

Is Scam? is fairly a new platform, not much known about this platform, it’s too early for us to tag it as scam.

We always advise content creators to be careful and know where they are connecting their accounts to, atleast you have remember how you suffer to gather audience.


Thanks for reading my review. This article is for informational purposes only we aren’t in anyway trying to blackmail the, everybody can make his decision of joining or not.

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