MTN Night Plan 2023 Get 250MB For N25 & N50 For 500MB Subscription Code (Latest Update)

Welcome to this site are you looking MTN Night Plan 2023 Get 250MB For N25 & N50 For 500MB Subscription Code, don’t worry you don’t have to border yourself you are in the right place which I believe by reading this article post you will be able to learn how to subscribe MTN night plan.

Due to the situation many people are rushing and finding on MTN Night Plan 2023 Get 250MB For N25 & N50 For 500MB Subscription Code, with many apart from this which is daily searching online so don’t worry with this article post of mine I will clear everything to you.

Mind you to go through this post steps by steps don’t rush you may skip an important step not knowing which may be will be among the important part of this article so read and understand that’s my wish and reason for writing this article hope you understand.

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Yes continue reading for now I will look of  MTN Night Plan 2023 Get 250MB For N25 & N50 For 500MB Subscription Code some were aware of that while others were not aware of, that it’s not a matter of worry either you are aware or not this article will take you through all the process/steps in a wonderful and simple way.

What is MTN Night plan?

MTN Night plan is an offer launched for MTN user it’s a night plan subscription which you can browse and download a videos and do what ever you want to do but at the night.

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Who is eligible for MTN night Sub?

It’s popular question going round to the internet which I came across many time,  MTN night plan is an offer of night sub it’s eligible for MTN users that are on MTN Pulse tariff plan So that you can enjoy it. but the most sweet table tariff plan for MTN night plan is MTN Pulse Tariff Plan of the MTN network .

I said MTN Pulse Tariff plan is sweet table because you will enjoy an offer of N25 for 250MB and N50 for 500MB.

How To Migrate To MTN Night Tariff plan?

Don’t border your self you want to migrate to MTN night Tariff plan and you don’t know how to do it on this article you will also know how to migrate to MTN night Tariff plan by using USSD Code which will be drop below by just simply dialing;


After that all an SMS will be sent you to Select you prepared plan after following all the process of migration you can also read How to migrate to MTN Pulse Tariff Plan

How To Do MTN Night plan?

Is very simple and straightforward you can subscribe for MTN night plan at least when you have not less than N25 noted you can’t used bonus credit to subscribe for this plan it only works for your current balance.

MTN Night Plan Code 2023?

The MTN Night Plan Code you can used it by following the steps which I will be listed below;

By just simply dialing;

  • *406# 
  • Select option 3 (Night plan)
  • Select option 1

the simple way you can dial *406*3*1#

What is the MTN Night Sub Code?

You can used Code below to Subscribe to the MTN Night Sub;


make sure you have sufficient balance not less than N25 before you will be eligible to sub.

MTN Night Plan Code

The MTN Night Plan Code are two you can make a sub of N25 and N50  MTN can have these offer  those one that we mention and in this post we will All know them and how to subscribe them with clear explanation.

MTN Night Code For N25

The Codes of MTN Night plan for N25 is just by dialing the below code;


After doing that you subscribe to the MTN night plan for N25 and an SMS will be send you for the activation was successful.

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MTN Night plan Code 500MB For N50

As you do above you can also sub MTN night plan for N50 by just dialing ;

*406*3*2# and then dial it once again then you sub MTN night plan for N50 and an SMS will be sent to you.

MTN Night plan For 2GB

As the way mentioned above all the steps you did when sub for MTN night plan for N25 the same here you will repeat it Four times (4X) then you sub MTN night plan for 2GB an SMS will be sent to you.

Note: The maximum limit of MTN Night plan is 2GB

How To Check Your Night Sub Balance on MTN Using USSD Code

To check your night Sub Balance using USSD Code you can do it by just simply dialing;


Frequently Question about Airtel Night plan

Does MTN offer Night plan?

Yes MTN has an offer for Night plan which allows their user to enjoy the Night plan Sub at low cost before to be eligible to sub for this plan you most at least have N25 in your account and note that you can’t sub with credit Bonus is only with your current balance.

Is MTN Night plan Still Working?

Yes MTN Night plan is Still Working and you can enjoy it or sub it by just dialing the below code;


Is MTN Free At Night?

No never MTN  is not free at night rather there are offers for MTN night plan among which are to sub 250MB for N25, To sub 500MB for N50.

How much is MTN Night plan?

MTN  Night plan is not much expensive it’s very cheap make sure your balance is not less than N25 you can sub with N25, N50, N100.

What is code for MTN  Night plan?

The Code for Airtel Night plan is just by dialing *406*3*1#

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What time is the MTN Night plan bonus?

The time of the MTN Night plan start  time at  11pm and it ends at the early morning time and the current time to ends is 6am.

How can I buy Night plan on MTN?

Did you know how to buy Airtel Night plan it’s very simple and easy by just dialing *406*3*1#

How long does the MTN Night plan last?

The MTN Night plan last only for a day after that it will expired.

How many times can I do MTN Night Plan (Sub)?

You can sub MTN night plan 2GB is the maximum limit at the same Night.

Can I used MTN Night Data on YouTube?

Yes you can used MTN Night Sub to watch YouTube and any other activities all you can do it.

Can I used the MTN Night Bundle Without Migrating to MTN Pulse?

No you can’t the offer is for  those that migrate to MTN Pulse Tariff Plan.

How can I Activate MTN Night Pack?

You can Activate MTN Night Pack by simply just dialing*406*3*1#


Thank you so much for taking much of your wonderful time reading this article post of mine which I believe at the end of this post you will be able to know MTN Night Plan 2023 Get 250MB For N25 & N50 For 500MB Subscription Code by all the process listed.

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