Review: Legit Or Scam, Earn $5 Sign-Up Bonus Bonus Review: Legit Or Scam, Earn $5 Sign-Up Bonus Bonus

This article contains detailed information about review, you will get to know the current status of the platform legit or a scam.

You might have been hearing about the new usdt platform, AKA LAZADA where users are getting massive commission which doesn’t necessarily require investment.

The platform was launched on 2022-07-03, it’s high time to shoot your shot and grab as much as you can before it gets old.

We all know that platforms like doesn’t last, so it’s good to invest only what you can afford to lose Incase it crashes while your money is in.

As a newly registered user you will get $5 registration bonus, and you will also get access to participating daily tasks, each task will give you $0.10.

This article will not just guide you on how to get the free $5 registration bonus, you will also get to know the complete review.

What is is a new USDT platform where you users will get access to grabbing orders, each order will give you a commission.

However, the commission are strictly determined by your VIP plan, users who wants to earn more $ can simple upgrade to higher VIP plan and keep enjoying their returns

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How To Make Money From Lazada

There are two powerful ways to make money from Lazada.

1. Investing Your Funds; This is the fastest and the most powerful way to make money from Lazada, you can choose your VIP plan best on your desired commission and you are good to go.

2. Referral Commission; This is another way of earning more money, you aren’t limited to earning from your investment alone, you can also earn by referring your friends, you will get a commission when your friend completes grabbing his orders.

How To Get Started, Registration

If you are having issues while registering you can download Norton VPN and connect to Netherland Server.

  1. Follow this link
  2. Change the country code to Nigeria
  3. Sign up with your phone number
  4. Choose an strong password.

How To Get Your $5 Registration Bonus From Lazada

  •  Click on the hand button as shown in the screenshot
  • Click on “Start Grabbing”

Once you click on that you will receive your first $5

You need to keep clicking on it to receive your $1 making it to be $6

Come back tomorrow and do the same, you will be getting $1 everyday. Review

Below are all you need to know about review.

Is Legit?

The current status of Lazada is paying, which means they are legit.

However, we aren’t encouraging anyone to invest a huge amount of money that’s if you are planning to upgrade to a higher VIP plan.

Is scam?

No reports of being scam yet.

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Always invest what you can afford to lose, a platform may be legit for a while and later turnout to be scam or crashed.


Thanks for reading my review, do let us know what you think about this platform Incase the status of the platform changed, is legit? Is scam? Let’s meet in comment section.