IS MTN Network Down Today In Nigeria?

Today’s post will look at is MTN network down today in Nigeria which I believe at the end of this post you will be able to know more about this in such a way that will be easy for you.

when finding it difficult to make a call or to receive a call that means something is wrong it’s one of two it’s from your end or by the MTN network.

It’s very sad when you want to do something and you can attend it at the time you want it’s due to the network or from your end so don’t worry this post will teach you and guide you. all you have to do is continue reading the post.

they are some ways to check if the trouble is from your end or from the MTN network so those ways are;

Change location

At times we have to change our location when we have trouble with the network in other to find out if such issues are from the network or by your end then you have to change your location where stand at the exact time may the MTN  network is down because some specific don’t require a good network service before you will decide if it’s MTN network down or not.

Reboot your phone

the best way to solve the network issue is by restarting your phone or/ reboot it after a while if the network will be normal as before.

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Check data balance

When having trouble with your network connection you have to check your data balance if you have data or it’s exhausted if it’s exhausted so you can’t access the network until you have a new subscription.

Call customer care

After going all through the above ways I mentioned above and still, the issues to connect to the internet are not resolved so you can contact the customers care service they will inform you where the issues come to form it’s due to the network or not.


As stated clearly above I believed at this time you should be able to know the ways to know if your MTN network or not and the way you can solve the issues.


thank you so much for reading my post on Is the MTN network down today in Nigeria 2022? I believed I make myself with a post for more experience drop your feedback in the comments section and mind you not forgetting to share this post thank you.