How To Earn N10,000 Per Sales Without Any Financial Investment

Do you know you can earn as much as N10,000 per sales by becoming a software selling agent.

Last week, i introduced to you a binary options trading robot with which you can make up to 40 dollars daily profits for yourself.

Due to the fact that the software works only for laptop and VPS users, many mobile phone users could’t grab this golden opportunity. But now, same company is offering another opportunity to people irrespective of whether you’re using laptop or mobile phone.

You can actually apply and become their sales agent, and sell the AutVin Binary Harvester software to big men or women who are financially competent, and make money for yourself.

The good thing about this is that, you don’t need any capital to start working and earning. And if you’re good in marketing products, you could sell even up to 5 copies of the software a month and make up to N50,000.

Since the software is built in a way that the people you are selling to can test the demo on their laptop or VPS first to see how reliable the software is before making a purchase, it will be easier for you to sell.

And this has been many selling point for many of the sales agents that affiliated with the AutVin Binary Harvester Robot Team. Most people are making money just by been their sales agent. And with this, you could sell and gather money to buy your laptop and get the robot to start your own trade.

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  1. Make sure you have at least some potential target customers or audience. These target audience or people can be persons you know or you can advertise through your social media accounts.
  2. Write an email to requesting that you want to become their sales agent, or send a whatsapp message to by clicking at here. They will reply you within 24hrs.
  3. They will ask you some questions including your state, occupation, etc. be ready to answer.
  4. They will also guide you on how and what to speak to your customers.
  5. After all the above is met, they will give you a little test. If you passed, you will be approved as their sales agents. As simple as that.

Note: Your customers when purchasing the robot will have to pay the whole money to your account, and not theirs. After payment, you collect your own N10,000 share and transfer theirs to them.