Glo Pay4Me, Make Your Recipient Pay For Your Call

Glo Pay4me

It’s exciting to make your recipient pay for your call. Glo understands how important it is to make calls, so they have offered you pay4me.

Pay4me is a service that allows Glo subscribers to make their recipients pay for their calls.

If you have been dreaming of making calls without paying a dime, then you are in the right place. This article is for you.

You can make your recipient pay for all your call using Glo pay4me. There is no need to have money on your account balance to make calls.

You only need to use the Pay4me service, keep in mind, I will show you how to enable the service and enjoy calls without paying a dime.

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But before I show you how to make your recipient pay for your calls with Pay4me service, let us look at some advantages and the requirements to use the service.

Advantages Of Glo Pay4me

With just the definition of Pay4me, I believe you imagine it’s advantages. Though you imagine some I will still give you an additional 3.

  • You don’t need to have money on your main account balance to make a call.
  • Your recipient pays the call. So you wouldn’t be charged.
  • Glo pay4me simplified the calls as you can call all the networks across the country.

Glo customers can enable/activate Pay4me by using 7733 as a prefix before the calling number, for example, 773309026153819.

It’s also worth knowing that the person you are calling must agree to pay to make a successful call. Otherwise, Pay4me will not work.

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How to make someone pay for your calls?

Making someone pay for your calls depends on the type of sim card you are using. If you are using Glo you can initiate that by using 7733 as a prefix on the number you want to call.

I want to separate this post from each category, but I will do so that you would benefit all for once. Meaning this post will cover collect call service across all networks.

How To Make Free Call On Glo 2023.

Glo free call has come with a lot of benefits, enabling your caller to pay for the call. However, the call can’t be initiated until the person you’re calling agree to pay.

To make a free call on Glo, you need to use # as a prefix on the calling number. Note that your caller will pay the money instead. So, you wouldn’t be charged.