Review (Is legit or a scam) Review (Is legit or a scam)

Are you looking for review you’re in the right place today’s article will touch the detailed information about platform, along with which many questions will be answered just continue reading.

Those questions are “is legit?” or “is a scam?”, ” How does work?, withdrawal on Referral commission? About and so on, which at the end of this article I believed you will decide to join this platform or not.

The thought that goes to our mind that all online platforms are scams is totally wrong, though there are many scam platforms that go around that will not make all the platform to be scams.

Don’t worry you don’t have to stress yourself the only way you can find the solution to the above issue I mention is by knowing your way, a question “How will I know my way”.

Since you’re here you already know your way the best solution is by doing the research before joining any platform. so that’s the right option to avoid falling into scams platform.

We will look further and give detailed information on which is the main reason you’re here searching for;

What is is an online investment platform that allows members who has been registered with them to earn on their platform and come out with a passive income at the end.

before earning on you have to choose your desired plan which you’re convince to then you can go ahead.

How to register on

  • Click on here.
  • Input your phone number
  • password

How to log in on

  • Click on the log in
  • Input your phone number
  • password

How does, as stated above, is an online investment platform before you will have access to this platform you must register after successfully registering then you can go on the platform.

According to the platform you have to;

● Select any of the investment plans below to purchase.
● Come to collect its daily earnings on a daily basis.
● Withdraw your balance instantly (7 × 24h & Min ₦1000)
● Obtain 12-24 times return by this investment in the end.

An investment plan on

Switch station 1

  • 1200% 120 days
  • invest: N3000
  • daily: N300
  • total: N36000

Switch station 2

  • 1320% 120 days
  • invest: N5000
  • daily: N500
  • total: N66000

Moapa southern Paiute

  • 1440% 120 days
  • invest: N10000
  • daily: N1200
  • total: N144000

Greenough River solar farm

  • 1560% 120 days
  • invest: N50000
  • daily: N6500
  • total: N78000

Del sur

  • 1680% 120 days
  • invest: N100000
  • daily: N14000
  • total: N1680000

Hindupur solar park

  • 1800% 120 days
  • invest: N300000
  • daily: N45000
  • total: N5400000

Nuz del Norte

  • 2040% 120 days
  • invest: N500000
  • daily: N85000
  • total:N10200000

Otjozondjupa solar park

  • 2400% 120 days
  • invest: N1000000
  • daily: N200000
  • total: N24000000

Referral commission on you can earn on this platform by referring others by sharing your referral link to friends and family or by inviting people to the platform in which after a successful referral is made you will reward a commission.

How to withdraw on

You will have only the opportunity to withdraw with this platform after reaching its maximum withdrawal limit then you can withdraw.

About is the new launched platform this month no more information about the owner while publishing this article and no Payment proof yet on the platform.

Is legit? is fairly a newly launched platform while publishing this article review no payment proof yet but that will not make it a scam.

Is a scam? is fairly a newly launched platform so while writing this review no payment proof by the platform and that will not make it a scam. review

advisedly don’t join any platform without knowing its standard to avoid the above issues thank you so much for reading my review, for any experience please should drop it in the comments section.

Frequently question;

Is legit? is a scam? How does work? How to register/log in? Referral on withdrawal on About which I believed in the end you were satisfied with the detailed information contained in this article review about thank you.