How To Activate MTN Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat On Ha Tunnel Plus

How To Activate MTN Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat On Ha Tunnel Plus

You might have been hearing about the MTN Unlimited Free Browsing cheat using Ha Tunnel Plus this November. It’s no longer a secret because the MTN cheat it has been the talk of the town .

Some people are even selling it while some are hiding it. However some they didn’t want to reveal it because of what is going on.

What is going on? Recall that MTN e learning cheat that gives you access to the free e learning websites was powered to access any websites.

People have enjoyed 500mb daily for a while before one of our members reported it to the MTN and it finally got blocked.

Be it as it may be. We didn’t have any option but to reveal the latest MTN unlimited free browsing which is very fast but not stable.

It’s V2RAY server so it might takes a while before connecting, but once it’s connected it will be very strong and fast unlike DNS that it gets connected with one tap and still remain unstable.

About MTN Unlimited For Ha Tunnel Plus

The MTN Unlimited gives you free access to any websites download and stream as much as you can with 0.00K, however it’s also worth noting that it only worked in the midnight between 12AM To 05:00 AM

Requirements To Use MTN Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat On Ha Tunnel Plus

However if you are looking for latest configuration files You can find them here.

How To Activate MTN Unlimited Free Browsing On Ha Tunnel Plus?

  1. Click on the three dotted sing which is located left on the Ha Tunnel app
  2. Click on “check updates”
  3. Make sure you have some little data, if you didn’t use V2RAY By UTLOOP and repeat the steps after getting connected.
  4. Click on connection mode
  5. Select “MTN Unlimited” and finally tap on connect.

Things To Note About MTN Free Browsing Via Ha Tunnel Plus

There is nothing special to make it work, ensure you Are on USA Server.

Once it’s connected try to accumulate more time that will last, because when your time get exhausted it’s quite difficult to get connected again.

However it’s also worth noting that this cheat is unstable, you may be having disconnection issues but don’t give up. Keep trying untill it gets connected and accumulate more time because it hardly connects when it disconnected.


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