MTN free browsing cheat

This is yet another MTN unlimited free browsing cheat that is working perfectly. Many people have been enjoying this cheat for a while now.

Some admins are even selling it, but we decided to share it with you for free. Yes, you heard it right.

It’s been a while now since the Airtel, Glo unlimited free browsing cheat was blocked. Many people miss those old days when because they can browse and download anything they want without 0.00K.

Before we head over to sharing MTN unlimited free browsing cheat. I suggest you check the latest ha tunnel files.

It is also worth noting that this cheat is V2RAY, it might take a while before it connects, but once it’s connected you can browse very fast unlike DNS.

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Requirements For MTN Unlimited Cheat

You can browse download as much as you can without any limit. This cheat is working perfectly as of now, January.

How To Activate MTN Unlimited Free Browsing On V2RAY By UTLOOP?


  • Open V2RAY By UTLOOP App
  • Make sure you have an internet connection when opening the app
  • The tweaks will update its self
  • If it didn’t you can update by clicking on “Update tweaks”
  • Once it’s updated select “MTN Unlimited”
  • Click on connect button
  • You are good to go.

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