MTN Tiktok Data Plan, Subscribe 2GB For N350 Bundle

We have been down into the road of free browsing cheats and cheap data bundle;  In this article we will be introducing the MTN TikTok Data plan 2GB For N350

The TikTok Data which gives you 2GB For N350 can only be used to browse Tiktok.

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However, it’s also worth noting that this bundle is not sim selective which means; it’s available for all MTN customers.

Prices For Mtn Tiktok Data Plan/Bundle

  • N350 gives 2GB, which will be valid for two days
  • N50 gives 200MB, which will be valid for two days.

It’s also worth knowing no limit to daily activation; multiple purchases are allowed.

Benefits Of MTN Tiktok Data Plan

Tiktok data plan has many benefits, enabling MTN subscribers to get more data at a lower price.

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More Data Volume At a Lower Price

Tiktok plan gives you more data at a lower price. People who normally purchase 2GB For N1500 will definitely love learning more about MTN Tiktok Data Plan.

This plan gives you an additional data volume not at the same price but rather at a lower price.

No Limit To Daily Activation

MTN subscribers can activate MTN Tiktok Data Plan without limiting their daily activation, unlike Night bundles and some plans that can’t be activated more than 3 times a day.

Save Money

If you choose to activate this bundle, know that you automatically start saving your money.

2Gb can now be activated at just N350 instead of N1500 to invest and save your extra money without stress.

How To Get 2GB For N350 On MTN Tiktok Bundle Plan?

  • Insert your MTN sim card into a phone and dial *131*3*4#
  • You will see pop-up showing packages for Tiktok Data Plan.
  • Now select 2GB For N350 by replying with 2.

All Tiktok Data Plans can be activated by dialing *131*3*4#; it’s also worth noting that you need to purchase two times to accumulate 4GB.

How To Power MTN Tiktok Data For All Apps?

  • You need to download TECHORAGON VPN, which can be found on this link.
  • Now move on to open and install the VPN you downloaded
  • Select a tweak named All net TikTok bundle 1, which can be found below All net opera bundle
  • Move on to select your preferred server; I recommend US Server for a better internet experience.
  • Click on connect button; once it gets connected, then minimize the app and enjoy browsing with your 2Gb On all apps/websites.

It’s also worth noting that these bundles can only be work for all apps and websites by following the simple process.

Misconfiguration of any settings can lead to slow during an internet connection, which in other words it reduces your internet experience.

So, never change your default APN if you want to have a fast and better browsing experience.

If you encounter any problem, feel free to drop it in the comments section, I’m always available to assist you.

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