MTN 500MB Ha Tunnel Plus Config File For E learning Data Cheat

The new MTN E Learning data cheat is working with the help of our MTN 500MB Ha Tunnel Plus Config file which is also known as e learning cheat config file.

Guess what? You can browse for free every day with 0.0K. it’s also worth noting that your daily limit is five hundred MB.

What is MTN E learning Data?

MTN E Learning Data is a free 500MB daily free data sponsored by MTN to help primary, secondary, and tertiary students to access some government and educational sites without any data charges.

How MTN E Learning Data 500Mb Cheat Works?

The MTN eLearning cheat config file has been tested and confirmed working, all you have to do is to import the file to Ha Tunnel Plus.

The act of powering the MTN eLearning data to be used on all apps is also known as E-learning Cheat.

The MTN free browsing using the Ha Tunnel Plus VPN is limited and capped at around 500MB daily which is absolutely free and doesn’t require any activation or MTN cheat code.

Some might say the data capacity is small; be it as it may be, we decided to post it for our humble readers who would appreciate and find it useful.

Its also worth noting that the MTN 500MB hat file will only work on the latest version of Ha Tunnel Plus app, which is available for download in our Telegram Channel and this post.

However, we suggest joining our active Telegram Channel for the latest MTN 500MB hat files. 

Requirements & How To Use MTN 500mb E learning Cheat 

We decided to mention this in the requirements section to provide a direct download link of the Ha Tunnel Plus app

If you already have the app installed on your phone, you can skip the read and head to the HA tunnel files for MTN  download link.

MTN 500MB Ha Tunnel Plus Config File

How To Import E Learning cheat config file 500MB

This is how to set up your MTN E Learning data free 500Mb daily cheat for MTN free browsing  2021 with the help of our MTN 500MB E-learning HAT config file.

  • Click on three dots which are located top right side of the corner of the Ha Tunnel app.
  • You will see the Import/export config file
  • Click on the import config file
  • Now move ahead to locate the folder you downloaded or saved your MTN 500MB file.
  • Select your MTN 500 Ha Tunnel File
  • And finally, tap on the start

How to check MTN E learning Data Balance?

You can simply check the free 500mb daily MTN E learning Data simply by dialing and calling default data checking code *131*4#

You will receive an automated SMS with detailed information about your e learning Data Balance.

Those that didn’t understand these steps can simply slide to the previous post I published.

The MTN Ha Tunnel 500MB Daily free browsing cheat works very well when you are on 3G. However, we strongly suggest 4G for a better and fast internet connection.

This cheat is also working on V2Ray by UTLoop – Free V2ray VPN Client app without the configuration file.

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