Hat Files: Ha Tunnel Plus Config File Download – GLO, 9Mobile, Airtel Unlimited

Ha Tunnel Plus Config File

So you are here for the HA Tunnel Plus config file download 2021, right? We have uploaded the working hat files for AIRTEL unlimited free browsing cheat, Glo unlimited, 9Mobile unlimited, that is working on October 2021.

Our new configuration files are working perfectly and can save you a stress of looking for another files.

T Guide Telegram Channel subscribers are already aware of the latest Free browsing cheat using the Ha Tunnel.

Ha Tunnel Plus Config File Download is currently giving free internet access on all networks, in case you didn’t know.

But, don’t be too excited by hearing free browsing cheat on all networks because you need to download a working Ha Tunnel Plus config file download to enjoy the free internet access.

Some configuration files often got blocked, and once it’s blocked no more free internet access, this is why it’s great knowing the Telegram Group/Channel for Ha Tunnel Plus Config File Download.

Once you bookmark our Ha Tunnel configuration files download page, you don’t need any technicalities to enjoy the free internet access; all you have to do is to be downloading the latest config and we are updating regularly.

What is HA Tunnel VPN?

Ha Tunnel Plus Is a new VPN app that establishes a secure connection and works as an Ip Address changer; the app also works with Custom Settings and V2ray.

Important Notice

Ha Tunnel Plus is no longer working for Airtel unlimited, Glo unlimited, and 9moble unlimited, from 28 June 2021, however, it’s working for Airtel 148MB.

Let me cut a long story short, no more unlimited for now.

Without boring you with much write-ups, let’s quickly take a look at the best Telegram Channels to get the latest Ha Tunnel Plus Configuration Files for free. 

Ha Tunnel Plus Config File Download 2021 (All Countries)

We have uploaded a working config files for all Network in this section. All you have to do is to scroll down and choose the file for your network

Airtel Unlimited

Guess what? Bad news; The Airtel unlimited free browsing cheat which is working with the Ha Tunnel Airtel unlimited config file is blocked. However we have another Airtel files that will give you 147mb daily.

It’s quite sad to hear about the blockage of HA Tunnel Airtel unlimited config file.

These 3 Airtel Configuration Files are going capped separately, which means you can use them all, one after the other.

There are more Ha Tunnel Config Files To Download.

9Mobile Nigeria

9Mobile users can enjoy free 150mb free browsing daily by using our file.

Glo Unlimited

The glo unlimited config file is now blocked therefore we don’t have any available file for Glo unlimited however you can try Techoragon.

  • Glo Config File (Blocked)

Cell C

Cell C users can now enjoy the free unlimited free browsing by downloading our Cell C Unlimited HAT File.


Our brothers from South Africa can also make the use of our ha tunnel plus telecom file, once you downloaded the Telkom Config File you are good to go.

Airtel Malawi

We have also uploaded the Working Config File for Airtel Malawi. Our brothers from Malawi can now browse for free using our file

Airtel Uganda

Our friends from Uganda can now make the use of our Airtel Uganda file to browse for free.

Telegram Channel Ha Tunnel Plus Config File Download

If you are looking for the best Telegram Channel to get the working and latest Hat files you shouldn’t skip T Guide

Join our Telegram channel to get the working files for your country.

How To Import Ha Tunnel Config File?

Below are the simple steps you can follow to import the configuration file on Ha Tunnel plus

  • Open Ha Tunnel Plus VPN app
  • Click on the 3 dots, which is located right on the top of the Ha Tunnel app
  • You will see Import/Export
  • Now click on the import
  • You are expected to locate the folder you saved or downloaded your Config File
  • Now click on the configuration file and tap on start.

How To Download Ha Tunnel Plus Config File?

How To Make Ha Tunnel Plus Connect Faster?

  • Open the Ha Tunnel Plus VPN
  • Click on the three dots which is located right on the Ha Tunnel app
  • Go to settings and change your base tunnel from SSH 2.0 to P2P stable
  • Disable connection and sound
  • And finally, tap on the connect or start button
  • Once it’s connected you are good to go

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  1. SLM
    Mr Auwal All the files had been Expired
    please we need new updated files .
    via me on +2348100524238.

  2. SLm Mr Jonathan all the free had been expired please we need new update free.via me on +256 759974133

  3. Why is it today the configuration file that I have downloaded are saying after import them are expired?

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