Review, Legit Or Scam, All You Need To Know

We are going to give you detailed information about the review. We are going to wipe all your doubts.

In the end, you will get to know the current status of, is it legit or another scam.

One thing that often happens in a Normal betting platform is loss. Anything can happen, football betting can’t be mastered it’s all about predictions and probability.

The risk is always 50/50, sometimes one has to place a bet and forget it, that because he knows anything can happen so he doesn’t care. is not like a normal betting platform, it’s quite difficult to lose a bet on footballtycoon.

Let’s learn more about Review, login, sign in, sign up and how to make money.

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What is is a reverse betting platform where users get a 97% guarantee of winning a bet.

How does works?

They aren’t just like a normal betting platform, is about the opposition, you will oppose the correctness of a score when the match ends with a different score you win.

Let’s say you are opposing the correctness of 1-1, when a match ends with any score as long as the score is not 1-1 you are the winner.

But when the match ends with 1-1 you are the loser, so it’s very simple you will just go and place a score that isn’t likely to happen.

Features Of

  • Member promotion; when you register an account with footballtycoon you will be given a referral link, when someone joins through your link you will get a 3-level commission.
  • Agency Centre; via Agency Centre you can track the number of your referrals and the commission you are getting.
  • Online Recharge; with this feature, you can deposit TRC-20 to your account without any issues, each transaction has the interval of 30 minutes, when you are given a wallet address make sure you deposit within the interval.

How To Make Money From – Complete Review

Below are a couple of ways to make money from

1. Welcome Bonus

As a new user footballtycoon will give you will get a 6USDT welcome bonus. Guess what? You can withdraw but not immediately.

You have to boost the 6USDT to 20USDT by playing reverse betting which is very easy.

2. Playing Reverse Betting

Each bet has its return, the higher the risk the higher return, you are advised to place a bet that isn’t likely to happen so you will stay safe.

How To Register On

Below are the simple steps to register an account on

  • Follow this link
  • Register with your name
  • E-mail Address
  • Strong Password

Creating multiple accounts is strictly against the terms of, if you are caught opening multiple accounts you will not receive the welcome bonus and your account will be blocked.

How To Get 6USDT Welcome Bonus From

After registering an account you need to Join This Telegram Group, after joining message Emily on Telegram, and send her the screenshot of your account and your account ID, you will see it in your dashboard. She will credit your account with 6USDT.

The minimum withrawal is 20USDT.

How To Get Over 50USDT Without Investment?

Many don’t know it’s possible to earn over 50USDT with footballtycoon without investing a dime, guess what? It’s withdrawable.All you have to do is to play some number of bets.

To get free USDT from footballtycoon you need to participate in their “Reward Event”.

Join this group to learn more about the event (don’t left) the group.

After participating in the event you will be rewarded with 20-50USDT depends on how you are performing.

In the event of “The bet amount must reach the deposit amount” when requesting a withdrawal rest assured that you need to place more bets before you withdraw.

The message normally prompts when you want to request a withdrawal without placing bets.

The question is; How do I maintain my rewarded USDT?

Don’t bother about earning more free USDT on top by placing bets with higher odds, just go for the less risky “odds”.

You don’t have to worry about the percentage % just place more bets, you will be able to escape with your rewarded funds. review

Below are all you need to know

Is legit, Paying?

Before I answer “Is legit” here is what you should know.

Platforms like are likely to crash and they might go down anytime.

Similar platforms have crashed and people’s money was wiped.

The answer to “Is legit, paying” is yes, they are currently paying at the time of writing this review.

Is a scam?

There has been nothing to suggest that this platform is a scam, however, similar platforms are crashing.

You have to be wise and invest only what you can afford to lose.

Conclusion – Review

Thanks for reading my Review, kindly drop your review in the comment section.

Let people know when the status of the platform changed “Is legit or a scam” let’s go.

Want to make money online? join this Telegram Channel, for free updates on how to make money

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