Glo WTF Social Bundles, Get More Data At The Same Price

WTF bundles

WTF bundles

Glo WTF Social Bundles also known as Glo Social Bundles, it’s designed for subscribers who love to stay connected with their friends on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger.

Staying connected with friends may be costly. But with use of WTF Bundles, it’s no longer costly, As you can get more data volume at an affordable price, which we have been missing before.

WTF Social Data Bundles will likely be the cheapest bundles on Glo. The most exciting part of these Bundles is: it doesn’t select sim. Which in other words, it’s eligible for all customers.

There’s no need to have any special requirements. You only need to have a registered Glo Simcard. It’s also worth knowing that these Bundles are available for New and old Simcards.

Glo WTF Social Bundles has come with a lot of benefits, which would reduce the cost of accessing social media. The term WTF is simply referring to the top 3 social media (WhatsApp Twitter Facebook).

What are you waiting for? Kindly go and purchase Glo Simcard at the nearest shop and Activate this whooping data bundles.

Note that these bundles could only be used for social media. As I already stated. If you want to access more websites, you need to purchase a standard data Bundles at *777# or follow our guide on how to power it for all apps.

Those who have asked me for the cheap data bundles should sit down and enjoy going through at these affordable cheap data bundles.

Prices For GLO WTF Social Data Bundles

Below are the prices for GLO Social WTF Bundles.

  • ₦25 Gives 100MB, which will be valid for a day
  • ₦50 Gives 200MB, which will be valid for a week.
  • ₦100 gives 500MB, which will be valid for a month.

These bundles are quite affordable.

How To Activate Glo WTF Social Data Bundles?

  • Open your default dialer app.
  • Dial *777#
  • Select Data Bundles
  • Navigate to Social Bundles
  • Then select WTF Bundles

How To Activate 500MB On Glo?

Activating GLO WTF (WhatsApp Facebook Twitter) Bundles is quite easy. You only need to dial *777# then select Data Bundles > Social bundle > WTF bundle then select 500MB.

Requirements And Eligibility For GLO WTF Bundles

Glo WTF Social bundles are eligible and available for purchase to all Glo customers. So feel free to own Glo Simcard if you don’t have.

That’s not all. As I already stated; Glo WTF Social Bundles was designed for people who love to stay connected with social media like Facebook and Twitter.

I would probably guess what is running on your heart. How can I power it to access all websites right?

In this article, I’m going to guide on how to power it and access all websites; all you need is to read this article till the end.

Each missed step can lead to the settings’ misconfiguration, which you would end up not enjoying this massive benefits.

How To Power GLO WTF Social Bundles For All Websites and apps

I have received a lot of questions regards to powering WTF Social Bundles for all websites and apps, which is why I decide to unmask the secret of enjoying borderless browsing with cheap data bundles.

Powering Glo WTF Social Bundles for all websites/apps is quite easy. All you need is to follow the simple guide below.

Download Entclass VPN Pro

We use Entclass VPN Pro to power GLO WTF Bundles. This VPN was designed by Victor to enable Nigerians to enjoy seamless and fast browsing experience.

Entclass VPN has a lot of servers that can be used to enjoy free browsing cheats. But this time we would only focus on how to power Glo WTF for all websites.

You can download this VPN From Google Play Store or at this link. If the one given in the link didn’t work, feel free to search it on the Google Play Store.

Once you downloaded and launch the VPN, the VPD now open it.

Choose GLO WTF SERVER On Entclass VPN Pro

As I already said, Entclass VPN Pro has a lot of severs and to enable it to work for Glo WTF Bundles; you need to select GLO WTF Server.

It’s also worth knowing that the servers need an Internet connection for the first time. Meaning; if you launch the VPN, you will notice that the available server is only “Best Performance”.

Don’t worry kindly click select the “Best Performance” on the server and scroll down to tweak list.

Select “Direct SSH” on the Tweak list, once you selected then move ahead to click on the Connect button.

In this case, you need to wait for at least 10-20 seconds depending on the network strength. When it gets connected, then disconnect it.

When you disconnected it you would notice the increase in the number of servers & tweak list, now select the NG Glo WTF Server.

Choose Glo WTF Bundles On The Tweak List

Choosing WTF Server along will not make it work, you still need to select Glo WTF Bundles On The Tweak List, located above the severs list.

Click at connect button.

Once you selected the tweak and the server, then click at the connect button. Wait for at least 10 to 20 seconds, once it gets connected then minimize the app and move to access all your favourite websites and apps.

It’s also worth knowing that the change on the Default APN can lead to slow during an internet connection, limiting your internet experience.

So, never change your default APN settings. This cheat can be used to browse 2G/3G; I strongly suggest 4G for better internet experience.

Conclusion On The Glo WTF Bundles.

This post has covered almost everything about GLO WTF Bundles, and I believe everybody that read has understood how to activate and power it for all websites.

However, if you encounter any problem while configuring the VPN or activating WTF (WhatsApp Facebook Twitter) Bundle feel free to drop it on the comment section.

I would reply to reply to all your comments as quickly as possible.

Thanks for understanding.


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